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CRH Key Points Series: Len Skok – Episode 2

By November 20, 2017 No Comments

Meet Len Skok of Orillia’s Keller Williams Experience, one of the top producers in an office of some 140 salespeople. “It’s just hard work,” Len says quietly—but you don’t go from winning your license in July 2016 to some 26 deals and three times on the millionaire board (closings, listings, business written) without knowing exactly what you’re doing. “I couldn’t agree more that it’s all about values,” Len says of his success. “Going over and above.” In this episode, Len talks about how much Orillia has to offer.

In creating Certified Resale Home’s Key Points series, we went right to the heart of the matter: trusted expertise—and why trusted expertise is mission-critical in a real estate marketplace that seems headed for complete commodification.

We’ve approached some of the most respected realtors around, established or still rising to the peak of their career, with but one measure in mind: are these folks the real deal? Are they truly dedicated to being the best they can be, solid examples of not just how to build a business but how to build a life within their community that speaks volumes about how they do business?

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